Impact Window Master

For a combined three decades in Miami, we've been the gold standard in safeguarding homes with our hurricane-proof windows and doors. Let our legacy of excellence protect your sanctuary.


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At Impact Window Master, we prioritize your satisfaction. For over three decades, we’ve been Miami’s go-to choice for premium windows. Our seasoned expertise in glass design and installation ensures that you receive nothing short of perfection. With a commitment to excellence, we help bring your vision to life in glass.

  • Efficient and Trustworthy Service
  • Competitive and Attractive Pricing
  • Amicable and Expert Staff
  • Certified and Fully Insured Professionals
  • Financing Options at Your Disposal

Our Services

Impact Windows

Our Impact windows are well-designed to provide aesthetic appeal and protection in Miami, FL. Our secure, weather-tight windows have best design and are resilient and affordable and come in various designs.

Impact Doors

While Miami impact doors ensure security and protection, they may not provide that appeal you’re looking for. For a door that is both functional and beautiful, Hurricane Window & Screen has got you covered.


We design and create eye-catching storefronts, glass, and doors for your business. We take a detailed approach to our service, ensuring you get a door and window that most benefits your business.



Replace traditional wood railings with glass railings and open up your space with our stunning glass railings. We let you customize every design aspect, from the frame to the height. Let our hurricane windows and doors company in Miami, FL, give your home the modern and appealing makeover it deserves.

Garage doors

Your garage door is not just an entrance—it’s a statement. At Hurricane Window & Screen, we blend style and durability into our garage doors, perfectly tailored for Miami’s demanding climate. While they stand strong against the harshest weather, they also uplift your home’s facade with a refined touch. Explore our array of designs, each engineered to ensure safety and elegance in equal measure. Trust our expertise in Miami, FL, to provide the perfect balance of aesthetics and function for your home.